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Transferable ColdGuard Kit


VanLiner's Transferable ColdGuard Kit is designed to protect cargo vans from the damage done by freight handling, moisture and the unavoidable day-to-day wear associated with commercial use.


Optimal Thermal Protection

The ColdGuard Kit is designed to provide years of superior temperature management and aid in the safe transportation of temperature sensitive products:

  • Fresh and Frozen Foods
  • Meat and Dairy Products
  • Produce, Plants and Flowers
  • High-tech Equipment
  • Biological Waste

The ColdGuard Kit is the perfect compliment to commercial vehicle refrigeration systems:

  • Easily maintain target temperatures year round.
  • Use ColdGuard’s proven and consistent heat gain factor, combined with refrigeration system specs, to meet job specific requirements – no more guessing.
  • Increased efficiencies and a light weight body equal lower fuel costs.

Superior Temperature Control

  • Food industry preferred closed cell foam provides exceptional insulating qualities and excellent moisture resistance.

Food Safety / HACCP Compliance

Other Benefits

  • The easily transferable CG Kit fits regular and extended length Ford, GM and Chevrolet vans and may be removed and reinstalled in another van when required.

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 ColdGuard Kit - doors open
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